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Do you remember
the hoot of an Owl?
Or the sound of breaking glass
when wrapped in a towel?
Unlike the Owl,
who calls out my name
of all the new pain
of losing your memories,
all over; once again.
The caw of the Crow
when it's time for a feed,
is all they want and need.
A songbird now sings
in a tree, over there,
a pleasant sound in the Summer air.

Why am I remembering
a time so long ago,
when, as a child,
I first tried to thread
a needle?
Grab a piece of thread.
Put the end in your mouth.
Gently wet, twist and insert
into the eye of a needle.
It was difficult to do.
During many tries,
as my hands would shake.
I would keep trying.
Some the thread ends
would be mashed or
flattened and would not
go into the eye.
Return to step one
and keep trying
until the task is done.

Her Lips

Posted by MFishProfile 06/08/21 at 01:25PM Flashback See more by MFish

Her lips were red,
the color of cherries,
her eyes sparkled now.
The breath of her mouth,
was moist on your neck, bare,
as your heart was a flutter
and you thought of love,
with the soft music playing,
quite close and near,
was how it happened ,
when you a young lad,
hugged your first girl.
I hope it was then
and will happen once more,
before life is at end
with Death near the door.

What in the World should I do?
Thinking of someone; It was you.
Something happened, it was absurd,
as you were talking, I heard a word.
A word I haven't heard in this time,
came from the past of mine.
I knew it was you, from my past.
A word long forgotten; It was last
from a person, loved long ago,
in another lifetime, that's all I know.

I Lost

Posted by MFishProfile 05/05/21 at 12:42PM Flashback See more by MFish

I lost your memory,
in the vastness of space.
Were we connected, so long ago?
Worlds apart? I want to know.
I felt a tremble, when we first met
wasn't sure if we had yet,
the years and lives, from long ago,
are passed and will no longer show.
I feel strangely, if we've loved before.
Perhaps this is the feeling,
I spoke of before.
Do you believe in life after death?
I believe I do.
How about you?

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